Saturday, September 13, 2014

When people don't appreciate your work.

I am the member of a hungarian group of bloggers on Facebook. When I started my hungarian blog, they were nice to me, but now they're not. I can tell a story about it.
A girl asked me to write a post on her blog, it's like a guest post. She said she wants bloggers from abroad to post on her blog about the culture and fashion of the foreign country, where they live.

I live in Manchester, so I said, OK, why not? I made the post as a draft. She checked it and said it's very good, she liked it. But she hasn't published... it was about more than a month ago. First, when she asked me to do the post, she said it would be better to do ASAP. And I always said sorry because I was late a few days.
But she hasn't published... I asked her to do it, if she likes it, but she always found something why she doesn't do it. If she would've said the post is not good, I would've said, okay. But this? So I decided to delete my post from her blog. And the other member of the group said "I AM selfish and vain and impatient. And I don't have self-confidence. That's why I'm pouting. And I shouldn't do this blog, if I'm like this."
I just don't know what can I do now. This whole thing is not true. I'm blogging, because I love writing, and I hope I can help people if I share my stories. But it seems that in Hungary I'm not appreciated. And it's a shame because I'm from there.
Do you think I'm really that bad? I'm sad now. I've never written this kind of sad post.
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