Saturday, September 06, 2014


Hi everybody!
My name is Jane. I'm from Manchester, UK. Originally from Hungary. I've already had a hungarian blog, and I decided I want an english one. I like living in Manchester. The people are nice, and there are a lot of interesting and nice place to visit.

But me and husband came for work because Hungary there are no workplaces. If you have a job, then the money is not enough... that's why lots of people come to UK for work.
My biggest problem is the weather. I don't like this rainy, cloudy weather. But I'm trying to get used to it. :)
What you need to know about me:
- I love shoes! awwwwwwwww!
- I'm working as interpreter in hospitals, courts, and police stations.
- Me and my friend started a language school recently.
- My favorite color is pink, purple, white and black, but I have lots of colorful dresses.
- I like baking.
- I love being with my family, especially with my sister, who is 9 years old.
- I love coffee.

I think these are the basic things you need to know. If you will read my blog, then you will know a lot of things about me, from my little notebook.

Have a nice day!

My hungarian blog address is: If you understand hungarian, then just read it and have fun! :)

It is me :)

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