Sunday, September 07, 2014

If you have a problem, tell me, but not behind my back!

I hate when someone is talking bad things about me behind my back. It's just not nice, and it hurts. I
don't mind, if people talks about me but not bad things. I've never said bad things about anyone behind their back. Because if someone would do that to me, it would hurt. My mom always says: if you're talking about people, say good, or nothing.
I always follow this advice. But unfortunately I have people in my life who talk about people and says bad things.
I admit that I talk about people too... Because it's natural. We are humans, we have the ability to talk, and we just need to talk about each other... but this doesn't mean talking bad things.
The saddest thing when you hear when people talk about you behind your back... They think you don't hear it, but you do... That's the worst. I had this kind of experience. When me and my husband went to visit our family back to Hungary, then there were people who said "awwww, we are soooo happy you're here", but then we heard they were talking about us saying: "they are so selfish and they just left their family here, everybody is unhappy, they just think about themselves". That's what they said...and it hurt. We think they are our friends and then they just said these things behind our back.
We are not friends now, but I think it's not a surprise.
Selfishness and jealousy are big monsters... I think that's why they were talking bad about us behind our back.
I have to mention that I don't mind if people talk about me. As my dad says: if people talks about you, it means you're doing something very well. :) So I don't mind that. Just no bad things, no curse...etc.
It happened to me in high school that I heard people were talking about me...they were mean to me. I didn't like them. If they wouldn't have been so mean to me, then we would've been friends... I think. The point is, that it's not nice if you're saying bad about people behind their back. I don't want to be Mother Teresa or something who just gives the advice with Bible in her hand. No, it's a basic thing what people should know without religion, I think.
I don't say I'm a good girl... because I'm not, I'm not perfect, nobody is. I think this is one of my good quality (not talking bad about people), I don't have too much, but I have this :) :) And no one can take it away from me. :)

Good night everyone!

Just a nice music before sleeping

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