Saturday, September 20, 2014

Photo shooting

Today me and my husband  were going out to the nearest park to do photo shooting.  I bought a few clothes (6) on the Branded Lab event. It was an event for bloggers and we could buy clothes there and they give the money to the Cancer Research UK.
So I bought a few clothes and we decided to start a photo shoot. I'm not a good model but I really enjoyed it, it was fun. Unfortunately we had time only for one set (because he had to go to work), so I couldn't change to have photos in other clothes.
But doesn't matter, next time, hopefully tomorrow.
I just want to show you a few photos we made. Not everything, just a few. Because if we finished, I will show you the final result and you can see all of my clothes I bought.
T-Shirt: Trend Two.
I tried to edit the photo, just to do something special... But I couldn't do more than this.

I don't want to show you more... but I will, I promise. The final result is coming soon. :) :)
Hope you liked it.

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