Tuesday, September 09, 2014

I'm happy to have you...

I have a little sister... She's 9 years old. I really miss her. We have a very special connection, we just love each other so much, I can't tell you this feeling. I remember me and her played a lot, when she was a little, a baby and then toddler. I will never forget it. And she just started the school when I got married and came here to UK. I couldn't be there for her, to help her with school stuff. Honestly...I regret this very much. Because I wanted to be there. And I'm so proud of her when she gets a smile face for her homework, etc. She's just so cute and adorable.

I remember the first time we went home to visit the family and then we came back. We both cried. She asked "why do you have to go back so far away???" I just didn't know what to say first...and then I told her we have to come back for work, to earn money, and if I earn a lot of money I can buy gifts for her. She believed always. I didn't want to lie (because obviously this was not the only reason why we came back), but I didn't want her to cry. And every time we're going home, I always buy her a lot of stuff: clothes, toys...etc. And she is happy, that's what I want. But last time we went home she said: "you don't have to buy me gifts, I just want you to stay as long as you can". It made me cry. I love her, my little angel.
When we are at home in Hungary, we always do girls evening (just me and her): throwing a girl party, watching movies, eating a lot of popcorn and candy, jumping on the bed... very funny! :)
So we always have fun together. Even if just talk on Skype. :) I have lots of pictures about her, so I will show a few photo now. :)
Me and her in summer :)

Mom said: you're not okay, girls. :D

The first photo she made with my phone

Idiots :D

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I am the happiest person I have her... And because we have each other and support each other. A beautiful thing, when you have a brother or sister (or both). You can share everything with them, you can be serious or idiots together... anything you want to be. If you have a brother or sister, you are a very lucky person... They are a precious gift. :)

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