Thursday, September 18, 2014

Friends of the Earth

Yesterday I met a very nice girl, Laura, she stopped me when I was going to home from work. Honestly I don't like if strange people stop me on the street and talk to me about things I don't care. But this was different. She didn't want to force me to do or read stuff I don't want, she just asked a few questions and told me things about environment protection. And she was right.
Most of us (included me) forget about our environment and don't care about recycling or things like that.
I have recycle bins, and I don't throw away the garbage on the street. But I've absolutely forgotten about threatened animals, like bees or tigers, panda bears... etc.
And even if they are not threatened I just realized we need to protect them.
This organization fights against pollution, because this kills the bees, and it's unhealthy of course. They support to be the friends of earth. And they need support too. I decided I will donate them a few pounds/months, because they deserve it.
If you want to be one of the friend of the earth, then visit this website and donate them. You don't have to pay hundreds of pounds... but you can live in a healthy environment.

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