Friday, September 19, 2014

I don't know how to make this decision...

A few days ago a girl sent my husband a message on Skype. We've been friends before. Best friends. But in March everything changed when she lied to me, and hurt me so much, so we don't talk since March. This girl is hungarian too. But she doesn't have any friends, I was her only friend. So since March we don't talk because I don't want to talk to her and her husband. They both lied to
I'm feeling like this...I want to hide...
me and they were shouting at me for something I didn't do. A few days ago she sent that message on Skype, that she's really really sorry and she was asking about me, and she misses me because I'm still her best friend. But she sent the message to my husband because she knew I wouldn't answer, and it's true. But my husband answered her, sent her the message that we are both okay, and she can be sorry. Because we were good friends and they screwed up.
Before March, last year they've already done this once, but I gave her a chance. I really don't know would it be a good idea to give a second chance? Because I was depressed and messed up emotionally, because of that... I don't wanna get hurt again. But in the same time, I feel bad if I don't give an other chance... I'm confused. What would you?
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