Friday, September 26, 2014

Autumn is here... our beloved episodes are back :)

Everybody loves summer, I think we can say that. But when summer is coming, everybody is going on holiday... actors too. So we're always sad a little bit because no more episodes from our favorite series. It's a shame... for me this is the only thing I don't like in summer. Anything else is good.
But now autumn is here, so series are back... super!
My favorite is The Big Bang Theory. It started on 22nd of September. If you don't know the story, it's about four geeky scientist guy (Sheldon,Leonard, Raj and Howard) and an actress/waitress girl
(Penny). This is a very long story about fun, science, love, geeky stuff and star wars and Spock. :D I really don't want to spoiler it, I hope you've already seen it. If not, then definitely start it, if yes, then continue with season 8, and check what's gonna happen with Leonard&Penny, Sheldon&Amy, Howard&Bernadette and Raj&Emily.

My other favorite is the Modern Family. The season 6 started on 24th of September. It's about three families, they're all related to each other. Funny, lovely, excited, "love is in the air" feeling... great. Honestly this is less favorite, and the reason is because of the gay couple. I'm not hater, I don't hate them, just I hate what they do, I'm absolutely against gay marriage, or staff like that. But this is an other topic. :) Anyway they are really funny in the show, good actress... etc. :)

Do you have any favorite series? Make a comment!



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