Monday, September 08, 2014

My favorite top 10 videos

I've already had this post on my hungarian blog, but I just thought it would be great to share with you
my favorite top 10 videos from Youtube. These are not just music videos. I found other interesting videos I really like. I haven't put them in order, because I don't have a "favorite favorite". :)

So let's see:
1. Kelly Clarkson: My life would suck without you. When I listen to this song, I always think about my husband, and how great he is, and my life would be so bad without him.

2. Demi Lovato: Heart attack. It's just a perfect song, Demi did an absolute excellent job when she wrote and sang this song. And it definitely has an impact, if you were in love with someone but he/she hurt you, and broke your heart.

3. Parenthood: the mini musical. Basically is not a music video but it tells you a lot about parenthood, how to be a good parent, how to raise your children. I would like to be a mother soon. That's why I really love this video. (Maybe this would be my number 1.) Anyway it has a Behind the scene video too, it's really funny. :)

4. Kelly Clarkson: Walk away. Honestly, I don't know why I like this song... if someone likes it too, then don't be afraid to make a comment, why do you like this song! ;)

5. Kelly Clarkson: Stronger. It has an excellent lyrics, I think it's really honest, encouraging. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, stand a little taller, doesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm alone. What doesn't kill makes you fighter, footsteps even lighter, doesn't mean I'm over, cause you're gone."

6. Music around the world: Native languages. I like this, it's just good. :) And there is hungarian in it :D

7. Kelly Clarkson: Behind these hazel eyes. What a surprise, a K.Clarkson song again. :D hahaha. I really like her voice, sue me. :D

8. Avril Lavigne: Hello Kitty. This song is crazy!!!! Totally crazy! When watched the video first, I said: OMG, what the hell is that? But yeah, it's really good, I have to admit. :D I read online, that in China or Korea (I don't know) people found it racist... what do you think?

9. Let It Go - Multi Language - Behind the mic. I really liked Frozen, the movie. I know it's for children, but I think it was really good. And Let It Go is my favorite song from the movie. I like both version: from Idina Menzel and from Demi Lovato. They're both great. In my family a few people said that there was too much singing. Yeah, I agree, but I like musicals, so not problem for me. :D

10. The Big Bang Theory: Best of Sheldon. I'm a huge fan of TBBT!!! So you're gonna read about it more, I promise. ;) Obviously my favorite character is Sheldon, but I really do like Penny, the neighbor, Leonard's girlfriend, now bride. :) On the 22nd of September Season 8 will start. :) yeah! What is your favorite TV series? Make a comment. :)

I hope you enjoyed my top 10 list. :) Have a great day! :)
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