Thursday, September 11, 2014

"Stay Strong and believe in yourself"

Today I've just got my invitation to an event called "Fight cancer with fashion". I always wanted to go to an event like this. Why? Because I know the feeling when you have to fight cancer. I think it's time to share my story with you.
In July 2011 I started to feel a small lump behind my left ear. It hurt, so I thought going to the doctor is a good solution. It wasn't. The doctor said it's just a lymph node. But it was not just a lymph node. It was more. But he didn't do any examination just gave me a medication and sent me home. The medication didn't work. I decided to choose an other doctor when I was going back to Uni in September. I did. He was a very good, nice, kind doctor. Thank to him, it turned that I had cancer. A lump behind my ear. The doctor admitted me to the hospital immediately. I had the operation on 27th of January, 2012. My lump was 5-6 cm big.

After the operation the left part of my face was paralyzed. It last for months to recover. But in February, when the doctor toke out the seams from my face, he was talking about the radiation therapy. I didn't want that, because the therapy would've slowed down my recovery. But I had no choice, so I said let's do it. But I was crying... a lot.
Because we were planning our wedding that time, and wanted to get married in May.  I was desperate...
I didn't know how could we get married in that year...
In the end of February I started to get the radiation therapy. The nurses and the doctor were very nice to me, and they were taking care of me, so I couldn't complain. But suffered inside. The left part of my face was burned because of the therapy, sometimes it was bleeding, I was tired, and was feeling sick all the time, I lost weight, couldn't sleep, couldn't eat...
The therapy was finished in the middle of April. I had a month and a half to be prepared for the wedding, because I wanted it. My husband supported me, he was with me, we did it hand in hand, he'd never let me to be depressed.
And we did it. In May I was a beautiful bride, and I think I can say, the happiest person in the world. :) I had to suffer so much, but I did it.
Our wedding in 26th of May, 2012
I still have struggles, because my face is not the same like before, and I often feels pain, but I'm here and alive.
My message is to everyone: if you have struggles, if you have to fight cancer, don't give up. Hope is always there. Just stay strong, and let your family and friends to support you.
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