Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Being a volunteer

I want to share an amazing experience with you. You know, usually I work as an interpreter. I always go to hospitals. But now, because of my pregnancy they can't send me everywhere. Because some departments of the hospital are dangerous for a pregnant woman. So I only take antenatal jobs.
This means I have lots of spare time, so I decided I want to help people. I checked Cancer Research UK's website, and looked for volunteer jobs. I called them and they wanted me to visit their store.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Moving to a new house, new life

Finally, we have internet at home. So I can start posting again. We just moved to a new house. We used to live with my sister-in-law and her partner. I thought that separating is going to be easier, but no. It's really hard, I miss them. Because we lived in the same house for 2,5 years, and it's really hard to just move. But this is the life. We're expecting our baby, and I think this change helps me to prepare for the bigger change: the baby. Because the baby is gonna change our life.

Monday, February 09, 2015

14 weeks

Hello Dear Readers!

I am really sorry about not writing anything. I've never thought that pregnancy can make me so busy and exhausted. I am always tired. Always! But fortunately my morning sickness is already gone, so no more nausea, no more vomiting. I'm glowing. My belly is growing and growing. I am only 14 weeks but I've already had to buy some maternity clothes because I gained 4 kg-s.
I've already had my first scan at 12 weeks. I almost cried when I saw my little baby on the screen. It's a miracle.
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