Saturday, September 06, 2014

Amanda Todd, the victim of the Internet

I was touched by her story, when I watched her video on Youtube. She was a very nice, young teenager girl and if I would've seen her on the street, I would've never thought that she had that struggles. She made mistakes and it led to tragedy... but she didn't deserve the suffer she had. No one deserves suffering, especially no death. We all make mistakes, especially when we are teens, but this is not a reason for anyone to bully us, or chase us until we commit suicide.

Amanda Todd
This happened to Amanda. She posted a video on the Internet... thousands of people watched that video... but nobody helped!
The world is cruel, and people can be cruel too, they can do a lot of bad things. But you have to stand up for yourself, love yourself, because nobody is perfect, and no one deserves to suffer.
There are a lot of young people who give up their life because of bullying... when bullies are behind the computer, they feel more free to say/write cruel, horrible things. It's up to us that we stand up for somebody who's got these struggles, or not. Because no one has the right to chase you to suicide. I think this the most horrible thing people can do to each other.

So if you have the same struggles, and you are bullied by someone, and you have suicidal thoughts, DO NOT afraid to seek help. You have lots of friends and family members who are ready to help.

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