Sunday, October 19, 2014

Gardening :)

Today we decided to do some gardening because our front garden was a little bit uncared. It's a shame, I know. It wasn't that bad but it needed to refreshed.  We were cutting the grass and the hedge.  And now it's nice and clean. We don't have flowers, because this garden is too small. But it was good to do some work. When autumn is coming, people need to do lots of things in their garden to keep it nice and clean. We did the same. So now it is nice. I like it. And I'm really proud of my husband because he's done most of the work. I've done most of the talk. :D ha ha ha. But it's good to do it together. It's faster, and funnier than doing it alone.

So we had a good time. :)
Do you like gardening? What do you like in autumn? :)

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