Saturday, October 25, 2014

Cake, sweet cake :)

I always say that Nutella is the best chocolate on the earth. I don't know who discovered the Nutella (I should look for it), but he/she was a very very clever person. You can eat Nutella with Nutella :D or with cakes, cookies... etc. You can't dislike Nutella.
So, before I lose my mind because of Nutella, I want to share with you the Nutella-Banana-Almond cake what I made today. Basically you just need to do a sponge cake, and before you put it in the oven you have to put banana and almond in it.
You can find lots of type of sponge cake online. I share mine.

The sponge cake:
- 6 eggs
- 6 tablespoon sugar,
- 6 tablespoon water,
- 12 tablespoon plain flour, or self raising, both are good.

Mix the egg yolks and 6 tbs sugar together and then add the 6 tbs water.
Beat the egg whites until it is hard, solid. 
Then add the egg whites to the egg yolks and mix them together. Then add the 12 tbs flour.
Pour the liquid cake in a form, then put it in the oven, 175 degrees. 
After 3 mins take out the cake, and put the banana and the almond in the cake, and stir it.
Put it back to the oven. Bake it until it is nice, brown. 
When it is cold, coat the cake with Nutella and sprinkle it with almond.
The cake is ready.

Bon appetite! x

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