Friday, November 21, 2014

I'm back :)

Yesterday we finally arrived home, back to Manchester. I can say we had a very nice holiday and we had the opportunity to meet lots of family members. I've already written about our new kittens in my previous post, you can see more pictures about them. My sister was so happy, she cried a bit when we had to say good bye on the airport. I met my little brother too. He is 21 but he still my little brother. He's working in Germany. So in summary, we had a very nice, busy holiday. The weather was nice, sometimes it was raining, sometimes it was sunny.

Let's see the pictures! I don't want to put all of them because that would be tooooooooo much. But I hope you'll like them. :)
Airport Ice tea

Airport Cappucino

Me in the garden :)
 ... and the kittens

The village (Zomba, Hungary) where I lived for three months after our wedding. My husband lived here for 25 years.

My sister and me making jewelry  :)

The puzzle I bought her

I hope you enjoyed my little travelogue :)

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