Saturday, November 01, 2014

5 days and Bon Voyage :)

Hey guys!
I am very very excited, because only 5 days left and we're going to Hungary to visit our family and
friends. It's going to be a 2 weeks holiday, and I'm really looking forward to see my family and my friends. I've already bought gifts, and I think tomorrow I will start packing, because if not, maybe I will forget something. And I don't want that. Isn't it horrible when you think you packed everything in your luggage and you realize on the plane that you forgot something important. It's already happened to me, I don't want it again.
You've already know that I am from Hungary, it is in the middle of Europe, more 2000 km from United Kingdom. 
The reason I share this post, because I want to do a "Hungarian Giveaway". It means, I'm going to post a picture later on, and you need to give a LIKE to that picture. You can be a part of the Giveaway until 17th of November, 23:59. On the next day I will write all of the names on little piece of papers and pick one from a hat. I will make a video so you can see who is going to be the winner of the giveaway. 

What you can win: Hungarian chocolates, and some little gifts from my country.

I'm coming back on the 20th of November. On the next day I will meet the winner and give the gifts. We need to meet because I can't send the chocolates through post. :)

NOTE: this giveaway is only for people who live in Manchester. :)


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