Thursday, November 13, 2014

Holiday in Hungary Part 1.

Hello everyone! Unfortunately I didn't have time to write because we so busy. This is very good, because we
have so much fun with our family, but I don't have too much time to do my blog. But fortunately now I have some time to sit down and write, because i gave my iPad to my little sister so she's not going to disturb me for a while. :) haha. I always have to find out something to distract her, anyway she would hug me all day long. :)

We haven't done too much yet. We just relaxed, we are with our family every day. But we are busy to do something else, packing our furniture, and other stuff what we got as wedding gifts. Because we want to bring them to UK. We're going to move soon to an other apartment and we just realized that it would be cheaper to hire a van and ask them to bring our furniture and stuff to UK. I think it is understandable because we got them as wedding gifts, we want to use them. We got lots of nice furniture and other things what we need as a new couple.  
But like I said we're not just packing we have lots of fun and relax. 
On Monday I'm going to see my friends too, I can't wait! 
Now I can't write too much, and I can't post pictures because I need to transfer them from my phone to the computer and I don't have time for this. 
An other thing, I was surprised because we have new house mates: two kittens. They are so cute, I love cats, and they are adorable. Love them. I will post pictures about them too.

I have entered to UK Blogawards: please vote for me, you can find me in two categories:

Please Vote for me! I would be very thankful!

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