Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Being a volunteer

I want to share an amazing experience with you. You know, usually I work as an interpreter. I always go to hospitals. But now, because of my pregnancy they can't send me everywhere. Because some departments of the hospital are dangerous for a pregnant woman. So I only take antenatal jobs.
This means I have lots of spare time, so I decided I want to help people. I checked Cancer Research UK's website, and looked for volunteer jobs. I called them and they wanted me to visit their store.

Why do I want this? Because until our baby's born I want to use my time usefully. I know what does it mean when you have to suffer from cancer, from the pain. I had cancer 3 years ago. I went through a 3,5 hours operation and a 3 months radiotherapy.

So I want to help until I can. When the baby is here, I have to stop it for a while, but I want to continue later.

People, who have to fight with cancer, are so brave. They never give up because they know that Hope is always there.

Love, Hope, Courage. If you have these three things, cancer can't win. Never, ever.

Lots of Love,

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