Monday, February 09, 2015

14 weeks

Hello Dear Readers!

I am really sorry about not writing anything. I've never thought that pregnancy can make me so busy and exhausted. I am always tired. Always! But fortunately my morning sickness is already gone, so no more nausea, no more vomiting. I'm glowing. My belly is growing and growing. I am only 14 weeks but I've already had to buy some maternity clothes because I gained 4 kg-s.
I've already had my first scan at 12 weeks. I almost cried when I saw my little baby on the screen. It's a miracle.

On the 17th of March I'm gonna have my second scan, the 20 weeks scan. Hopefully we'll find out it's a boy or a girl. I can't wait!
The bad thing is that I have epilepsy, which is dangerous in pregnancy, so I have to go for scan and meet the consultant every month, because they need to make sure that my medications are okay, and the baby is growing properly. They said everything will be okay, but I'm scared and worried about our little miracle. I hope everything will be fine.

Lots of love
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