Sunday, December 07, 2014

Concert experience Part 1.

Last week I went to a Demi Lovato/Enrique Iglesias concert. I was really really curious and excited because I really like them. I prefer Demi's music, but I like Enrique too. So I went to this concert, and it was really good. I had a very good experience. First of all, I have never had this kind of experience before, and I could see two famous singer I like. So it was an amazing night. I don't regret that £60 I paid for the ticket.
Sadly all of the VIP tickets were already gone when I wanted to buy them, but I had a good seat so can't complain. Obviously VIP is better, but if I can't get VIP, what can I do?
I toke lots of pictures and videos but I have to edit the videos because they are on their side, they are horizontal. So I have to edit them. But I have a few pictures I want to show you, Not the best photos, but maybe not the worst.

Before the concert

Photos about Demi

About Enrique

I hope you enjoyed my little post about the concert. 


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